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December 18, 2006 PIPE studio and Valve Corporation announced an arcade quest game "Full Pipe" ("Total Flush"), now available via www.steampowered.com for just $9.95.
The new mini-game in Flash Games section! It is an industrial action with chasing, monters and with the invariably shocking ending.
The new cards for mobile phones after Full Pipe! PIPE Studio the leading content provider of mobile services in Russia - INFON company - present a collection of colour greeting cards called "In Idleland". The card were created after Full Pipe and its characters. And now 95% of users of cellular communications in Russia can select and download on their mobile phones any of 45 cards after this theme.
The new mini-game is in Flash Games section! Dude will have to jump to woman's heart in a literal sense. And then she will thank him in a frank manner.
In "Downloads" sections the patch of 1.1.15 version is available. The changes in copy protection system were made and RAM cram error before game starting was fixed.
Now you can peep in Full Pipe's World directly from Internet! In new Flash Games section you may find mini-games created after "Pipe".
The new review of Full Pipe is available on Absolute Games website (see "Press" section). Meanwhile Tom Hall (one of the founding fathers of id Software) mentions "Pipe" talking about things that amazed him during his trip in Moscow (read here).
Full Pipe goes to...mobile phones! PIPE Studio and INFON company (the leading content provider of mobile services in Russia) concluded a license agreement about using characters of Full Pipe for creating greeting-card for mobile phones. Thanks to this agreement 95% of users of cellular communications in Russia soon will have a chance to download one of the 50 cards after this theme.
The creative party of Ivan Maximov took part on Friday, April 2, in the club "Dom". The party's bill contained: the demonstration of Ivan Maximov's films, the story about his creative existence, the answers on asked questions and above all - the distribution of Full Pipe CD's at the lowest price in CIS countries, at 51 rubles for 1 CD! We cannot help mentioning one Ivan Maximov's garment. He had a headgear of "silk hat" type, which he bought according to him in a curiosity shop in Switzerland. Besides its direct purpose Ivan used the silk hat as a pedestal for his wineglass during his performances.
The trailers of Full Pipe are on MTV channel again!
March 12, 2004. The agreement between PIPE Studio and MTV-Russia television channel was signed. MTV will show 10 new trailers after Full Pipe developed by PIPE Studio with a partnership of "1C" company. In October-December of the past year MTV channel already showed 10 trailers after this topic from PIPE Studio. The date of premiere demonstration is April 2, 2004.
In "Downloads" section the new patch of 1.1.14 version is available. The changes in copy protection system were made and "insufficient RAM" start-up error was fixed.
Full Pipe is on Russian Game Developer's Conference, KRI-2004. John Romero and Tom Hall (the legends of world game developing and the game designers of Doom and Quake) took such a great interest in Full Pipe that the organizers had to pull them away from a computer by force... visit dtf.ru for details
Find the new game reviews in "Press" section.
The localized version of Full Pipe called "Pilnas Vamzdis" was published in Lithuania by "1C" company in conjunction with "Akelotė ir Ko."
Full Pipe is on sale! The quest was published as a part of "1С: Game collection" series that is published by "1С company" in Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic states.
Two more video reports about living in Full Pipe are pictured specially for MTV and are available in "Downloads" section!
The questzone.ru website publishes an exclusive interview with the creators of Full Pipe.
Attention! Information leakage! As a result of hacking of PIPE studio corporate server by hackers from questzone.ru the demo of Full Pipe had been stolen! The installation file had become available for public downloading. So as it can't be helped we just publish the link on the demo in "Downloads" section.
In "Downloads" section first trailers have been available!
PIPE Studio and "MTV" channel have concluded a contract on demonstration game trailers after Full Pipe. Watch MTV and play "Pipe"!
The official website of Full Pipe is opened!

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